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Transportation and Additional Services

LLC SpecTransContainer provides a wide range of services from rental of containers for route run to door-to-door transportation in specialized containers of all types

Containerized Cargo Transportations

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Transportation of cargoes in containers and specialized transportations

Competitive infrastructure rates for transportation of containerized cargoes in comparison with hopper-cars.

Depots and Terminals

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Terminal and Depo Handling Services

Full scope of terminal and depo handling on major container terminals, ports and depos.

Rental of Container Fleet

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Rental of Container Fleet

Modern multipurpose specialized container and tank container fleet for rent.

Services Plus

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Services Plus

Developing of Specialized Transportation Projects accompanied with Digital Transportation and Logistics Service.

Food and Perishable Goods

Transportation of Food and Perishables

Food and Perishable Goods

Transportation of food stuff and perishable goods in tank, thermos, reefer and dry containers

Steel industry and heavy machinery

We transport various cargoes

Steel industry and heavy machinery

Specialized transportations in hard-top, flat-rack, open-top containers

Oversized transportations

Transporting oversized cargoes

Oversized transportations

Transportation of oversized cargoes including in specialized container

Chemicals and Gases

Chemicals and Gases

Chemicals and gases

Fleet of specialized tank container with capacity of 20 000 up to 26 000 liters for gases and liquids of wide nomenclature